Homeless people practise Tai Chi

Tai Chi helps to improve mental health

A large portion of people who go through homelessness also experience mental health issues.

The stigma around mental health problems can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, losing them friends, partners, and work. This breakdown in support networks, or livelihood, can quickly lead to isolation and homelessness.

Equally, the fear and rejection people feel when they are homeless can quickly lead to a loss of self-esteem, and a huge increase in depression and anxiety.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, your funding means that some residents at a homelessness scheme in Hull have begun taking Tai Chi classes.

Tai Chi involves slow, graceful movements of the hands and body in sequences, that people of all ages and abilities can try. Its therapeutic qualities are said to encourage longevity and stress management.

The classes are part of the activities that the scheme provides to increase confidence, skills, engagement, and good health in the residents, all of whom have mental health issues and have been homeless.