Homelessness levels are unbelievable

At Church Housing Trust, we think it is unbelievable that rough sleeping levels in England have increased by 132% since 2010.

Rough sleeping is a highly traumatic experience that is incredibly hard to leave behind, and can cause addiction and mental health issues. We know that churches are experiencing this increase in rough sleeping first hand, and dealing with growing numbers of people who desperately need specialised help.

With this in mind, Church Housing Trust will be at ‘Unbelievable? The Conference’ to meet members of churches and give them information and ideas ahead of World Homeless Week.

From 9-15 October 2017, World Homeless Week is an opportunity to raise awareness, understanding, and funding for homeless people across England.

Find our stand ‘Unbelievable? The Conference‘, or get in touch at info@churchhousingtrust.org.uk or on 0206 729 1630

Statistics are drawn from Homelessness Monitor 2017