Nikita and Baby Elizabeth on the beach 2016

Happy Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothering Sunday to the young mothers at homelessness schemes across the country.

The young mums or mums to be that we support have come from quite chaotic families, or homelessness. We fund activities, courses, and services that help them to build practical skills, prepare for independent living, and look after their own and their baby’s wellbeing.

Our funding means they can also plan fun-filled days out that broaden their horizons, help them socialise with one another, and let them create happy memories with their children. A day out provides a welcome break from routine and gives them new experiences.

One group planned a day trip to the seaside at Cleethorpes, inviting current residents at the hostel and mums who had since moved into their own accommodation and are still receiving support. Some of them had never been to the seaside, while others had never enjoyed travelling in a group setting.

Mums and babies alike were excited as they met for an early breakfast and then headed to the beach, staying for a whole day and ending with a meal, snacks and drinks on the journey home.

Resident mum Stacie commented that it was nice to take her baby to the seaside for the first time and sit on the sand. “The weather was good, and it was lovely just to walk around and relax.”

One of mums living in her own flat, Becky*, said “It’s good to be invited back on trips as it is expensive when you’re in your own home and you can meet up with old friends.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.